"Is there a hole in your education?"
Take this quiz to find out!
  1. Do you ever worry that your inability to express yourself in writing makes you look less intelligent than you know you are?

  2. Do you avoid using certain words because you’re not sure you’ll use them correctly?

  3. Do wish there was some way to get that annoying know-it-all in your life to stop intimidating you and undermining your self-confidence?

  4. Do you worry that there are holes in your education?

  5. Does anybody ever ask you what a difficult word means? What about an expression in a foreign language, used in English writing?

  6. Does anybody ever ask you to arbitrate a debate on matters of English usage?

  7. Are you satisfied with your ability to put just the right words to your thoughts and feelings?

  8. Do you feel that you have mastered English and that you could at some point gain competence in another language as well?

How to score the quiz
For questions 1-4, give yourself one point for every No answer. Zero points for a Yes.
For questions 5-8, give yourself one point for every Yes answer. Zero points for a No.
Add up the points.
How to interpret the results
Score of 8. You are sitting pretty! The rest of this letter is not aimed at you, but if you like to learn cool stuff and want to feel even smarter than you already do, you’re welcome to continue on.
Score of 5-7. Not too bad. Your confidence could use a boost, though. Keep reading!
Score of 0-4. Oh boy. You should probably just hit the Subscribe button immediately. But don’t worry—there is help!
There is an almost sure-fire way to raise your score all the way to 8, even if you’re starting out at a zero right now.
And it is not the least bit painful!

"But I'm too busy."

Do you find the time to entertain yourself on a daily basis?

Do you fritter away even a few moments here and there throughout the week watching a show that you don’t even like that much or clicking on “just one more” cat video? Or playing a game online or on your phone? Speaking of phones, what are you doing with the time you spend waiting for the kids to finish play practice or for the nurse to call you back to the examining room for your appointment or for the barista to prepare your coffee order? You’re just looking at a hodgepodge of stuff on your phone, aren’t you? Why in the world don’t you invest a tiny portion of that time into something that will give you a return that will keep paying out the rest of your life?

If you let even 5 minutes a day run out pointlessly, then you have plenty of time to cover all the material in Timeless Latin. If you let 5 minutes a day run out pointlessly every single day of the week, then you’ll still have two days a week to continue in this wasteful practice, because Timeless Latin requires only 5 days a week—5 days of the week that you choose.

"I can't commit to anything long-term."
Don’t commit. Just start. Give yourself two weeks to see whether the results I’ve promised aren’t starting to come in. Or give yourself just one week. Or even just give yourself one day and see whether you don’t feel a little bit enriched even after less than five minutes with Latin. Judge the program as severely as you like, as long as you are willing to give it an honest chance.

My goal, as I write the lessons for you in Timeless Latin, is to make the content so relevant and interesting that you will be compelled to continue, that you will keep coming back eagerly for more, that you will completely lose any dread or disgust you feel for grammar, that you will OWN English—and Latin!

"What about the cost? It'll probably
be too expensive."
The beta version of Timeless Latin is $3.00 a month, and you can cancel anytime.

Less than the price of a latté. Yet more invigorating than all the caffeine in the world.
Less than the price of “lunch” from . . . just about anywhere! Yet over twenty totally digestible lessons each month that will feed your soul and gladden your heart.

And it's easy to cancel. I won't make you search through layers of screens and click-throughs to find out how to disengage yourself from Timeless Latin if you choose not to continue.

And I will notify you every month that your payment method has been billed, so there's no surprise when you go through your statements. My favorite online marketers do that, and I'm going to imitate their best practices. When I see their notices each month, I always feel that they're giving me a chance to evaluate once again whether or not I'm receiving value in exchange for what I'm paying. They aren't just hoping that I've forgotten I'm in a plan that will keep on generating income for them until I figure out that I'm being disorganized with my finances. In a word, I feel respected.
"I'm so disorganized--I never keep my resolutions--I never meet my goals"
I will show you how to carve out a space for Timeless Latin in your life. You really can manage to work it in, with a little bit of planning and a willingness to jump in where you are.
Timeless Latin: 100% guilt-free!
The brain-building, confidence-boosting way to restore the natural joy and curiosity you felt when you first started figuring out how the miracle of language worked and how you could use it to connect to the world around you.
"Hey wait a minute! This has 'Latin' in the name!
I know for a fact that Latin is a dead language."
I got so sick of trying to sell people on the idea of giving Latin a try that I decided to give up. There is nothing that anybody can say--and a whole lot of very eloquent stuff has been said and written on this very topic--that will get somebody to unclose their mind. So I thought of creating a program (this one!) where people whose minds are not absolutely closed could dip into Latin on a very non-threatening basis and splash around in the shallow end, with swim goggles and flotation devices, gradually working their way into waist-high water, eventually tossing away all their protective gear, and beyond that, at some point, cannonballing into the deep end with shouts of exhilaration and shooting back up to the surface with a huge smile, thinking to themselves, "I had no idea that learning Latin would be one of the most satisfying things I've ever done."

This program, Timeless Latin, is actually about letting you convince yourself of the value of studying Latin.

You in?
About your teacher
The story of a soaring vision,
crushed dreams,
and the dogged determination
arising from an idea that refused to die
My name is Kay Neal, and I’ll be your Latin teacher for Timeless Latin.

As a child, I desperately wanted to know a foreign language, but I never had the chance to study one. However, when I went to my first day of high school, I found out that I had been signed up for Latin, which scared me half to death. Certain that I would fail, I studied like a fiend and got A’s . . . for a while. The way that things fell apart for me in Latin is a very sad story and involves the subjunctive mood and i-stems, very scary stuff indeed. Julius Caesar also played a minor role.

Three years of high-school Latin was all that I managed, and yet I loved what I got out of the experience: very high scores (97th-98th) percentile in any standardized verbal test, including the ones on the ACT, GRE, and GMAT; testing out of the rhetoric requirement when I started college; status as the language and usage authority among my family members; some cool and well-paid jobs editing and writing; and a life of the mind.

Many years passed. I always knew that I was going to come back to Latin some day and get on top of the subject this time. In 2002, armed only with a copy of Wheelock’s Latin and 501 Latin Verbs, I set off. After a few months of self-study, I stumbled upon a broader mission: to take Latin to ordinary people who would otherwise never have the chance to come into contact with it. I ratcheted up my study of Latin from 20 minutes a day to full-time. Returning to college, I earned a second bachelor’s degree (classics) and a second master’s degree (Latin), both from the University of Illinois at Urbana. Concurrent with my studies, I prepared the first volume of a curriculum that parents with no experience in any foreign language or even English grammar can use to start learning Latin and teach it to their children along the way.

I started studying marketing. I set up a company called Prelum Press and published two books (I just checked: the Amazon rankings of these two books are #1,820,800 and #5,092,145. Did you even know that Amazon rankings went that far down?). I spent every last penny of the seed money I had saved up for a number of years and ran through the whole stock of social capital I had built up with my family, and got . . . nowhere in my scheme to take Latin mainstream. I tried a couple of other Latin-for-the-masses projects, which I won’t bore you with here, and then I hit on the idea of paring down Latin instruction to the simplest idea possible: super-straightforward nuggets that could be covered in five minutes or less, delivered five days a week, with plenty of review so that busy people wouldn’t fall hopelessly behind even if they hit a rough spot in the road and couldn’t get to the lessons for a few days. And I wouldn’t try to sell it to people who already had their minds made up against Latin. I would just put it out there and try to see whether I could draw in those who had some desire, however tenuous, to dabble around in Latin for a bit or those who were the adventurous sort willing to give almost anything a try as long as it didn’t bog them down in a time-consuming, expensive commitment. If this doesn’t work, I think I’m out of ideas.

Will Timeless Latin catch on and help make Latin a household word all across the U.S. and beyond, enriching and delighting thousands and thousands in the process? Only time will tell, but I sure hope so, and it is with an unsettling mix of anticipation and trepidation that I launch this little project. “O God, thy sea is so great and my boat is so small.”

Get started on the beta version
of Timeless Latin now for $3
Note! This offer will be taken down after the first 35 subscribers are enrolled.
(It's a beta version, and I need to be able to respond personally
to any and all problems and queries myself.)
Powerful stuff—for good or for evil
What will you do with the transformative power that is waiting for you in Timeless Latin?
You must promise that you will use your new-found knowledge only for good. I’m serious. The world doesn’t need any more arrogant or self-satisfied people running around playing on people’s feelings of inadequacy.
Benefits of learning with Timeless Latin

• You will have a feeling of ownership—of Latin and of English—almost from the beginning.
• You will start to notice more vocabulary coming onto your horizon. The words are actually there right now, but you’re tuning them out. That’s your lack of confidence at work!
• You will develop the kind of confidence that is so empowering, you won’t have to be right every time! How fantastic is that?!
• You will know how to break a sentence down in English and to tell whether it stands or doesn’t. If it doesn’t, you’ll know how to fix it so that it’s airtight.
• Any feeling of inadequacy about your language skills will vanish.
• Eventually, you will get to the point that you can sit for any test of verbal ability in English without doing any special preparation—because you already covered all the details!

Downside of learning with Timeless Latin

• You won’t be able to read Cicero for quite some time. (Note: Fewer than 1% of people who ever start off in Latin will ever be able to read Cicero in the original language, even with years of training.)
• The beta version is a little rough around the edges--maybe you've noticed that the Subscribe buttons don't line up just so or that the fonts are a little overgrown. That's because it's just non-technical me mostly working by myself trying to figure out how to use all of the different software tools I need in order to relay the content of Timeless Latin to you.
© 2015 B. Kay Neal
All rights reserved